Fit Families, Empowering Families To Live Healthy Lives

With the sedentary lifestyle and fast food only a call away, most people are living with obesity which can cause illnesses. We, therefore, offer personalized services involving tailor-made health diet plans and exercise for each patient’s body. The family unit is essential and forms the foundation of every society, thus with a healthy community as our goal, we engage coaches to provide families with guidance, counseling, and support according to each family’s needs.

ealthy-eatingWe have individualized programs for both kids and adults that comprise healthy eating and physical activity. Through a dynamic and collaborative strategy that entails nutritional education, consultations, and healthy environments, we aim to prevent childhood obesity. We have a 6-month program which offers customized support to children aged 5- 16 to help them achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Through our workshops for children and parents, we offer enough space for the children to engage in physical activity while providing parents with essential a skillset to facilitate them in practicing the exercises with their kids at home in their spare time. Through the workshop, we empower families to communicate better with each other. In this day and age of the internet and other advanced technology, parents and children rarely have time to talk to each other thus parents do not get to understand any trouble their kids may be having at school.

Most children may not be good at sports in their school, and we encourage parents to help them understand how physical activity may impact their lives not only in school but also later in life. It is time kids not only took sports as a stepping stone to their scholarships but also as amen as to facilitate healthy living. Besides, with such encouragement, parents will get to realize if their kids have outstanding potential and help them pursue it.

Apart from physical activity, we also partner with agencies, individuals, and health professionals to empower families in living a healthy lifestyle. We provide a platform where people can come together and share their experiences related to our mission to create awareness. We have an evaluation team which helps us to follow up on the families that have reached out to us. Seeing is believing thus we prefer evidence0based results so after we engage a family in a specific diet plan or physical activity for a specified period, we follow up to find out how they are doing.

children-and-parentsOur programs so far indicate that children and parents who undertake and complete the program maintain a healthy lifestyle even after completing the program since they observe the positive effects it has on their lives. We, therefore, make choosing the healthy lifestyle an easy and fun option contrary to what most people believe that losing and maintaining weight has to be challenging and tedious. Whether you are a parent or a child, we are ever glad to have you try our programs, and we promise to deliver positive results, not only for your health but your overall wellbeing as well.