Children’s Health: Growth, Common Injuries and Illnesses

Children are the leaders of tomorrow, and they need to be healthy to make it to the next generation at least. A baby’s growth starts at conception and for there to be a healthy development, the parents must be healthy. It is therefore essential for parents to feed on the right foods, and get screening for genetic diseases that may affect the baby. Once the child is born, it receives an immunization, and before you know it, the baby is now a toddler who you have to watch over like a hawk. Then the toddler attends pre-school where you have to deal with constant infections obtained from classmates and injuries that never seem to end. Your house becomes like an unlicensed clinic with all the Band-Aids and medicines in the cupboard.

children-include-tonsillitisThe most common illnesses in children include tonsillitis which will have you panicking due to the fever that may shoot so high your baby may start convulsing. Others are dental caries especially if you treat your child to sweet snacks but do not teach him good oral hygiene. You should encourage your child to brush his or her teeth by buying a toothbrush that arouses curiosity and sweet-tasting toothpaste since most adult kinds of toothpaste are bitter. However, some illnesses are unavoidable such as cleft lip with which the child is born, or others like congenital heart diseases which may not be apparent birth. You should, therefore, visit a doctor and get your child vaccinated against some of these illnesses.

Well, you cannot prevent some illnesses, but you can do your best to protect your child from injuries by baby-proofing your house. However since your child will not spend time in the home alone, you should make sure that other places are safe. The car should have a baby seat, and once your baby is all grown, you should teach them always to fasten their seatbelt while in the car. Also, if your child loves riding, you should buy a helmet, elbow and knee pads to raise their protection a notch higher.

Children are curious beings, and if you have a swimming pool, they may want to see how deep they can go which then leads to a drowning accident. You should therefore always cove your swimming pool and enclose it with a fence and lockable gate. Further, electricity is a hazard, and you should keep all the electrical wires out of reach and sight of children.

swimming-poolThe environment is full of potential hazards, and you must always be vigilant. Since you cannot make your home or environment entirely safe, knowing where your child is at all times and keeping an eye on him or her, is the best protection you can offer to guarantee their safety.